Sunday Scramble: Emotional Fragility Edition

Here’s a compendium of links that resonated with me last week. Grab an iced coffee and enjoy.

How to minister as an introvert (without burning out) by Craig Greenfield

I am still figuring out how to manage my energy, especially when it’s spread out among three to four different settings. At the same time, there’s a strong temptation for me to hide behind my introversion, use it as an excuse not to engage with people. Craig Greenfield’s three strategies are helpful reminders of ways I can use my own natural ebb and flow, while at the same time challenging myself to build relationships when I would rather stay home and read 🙂

What White Christians and White Churches can do about racism by Tracey Michael

I’ve been preaching a lot of frustrated sermons, it seems like, ever since Treyvon Martin. And I get mad at myself because I’m just talking, usually to a group of white Christians who either 1) already get it or 2) think they already get it, so they can’t listen. I am trying to recommit to doing more than just talking. I’m starting by working through this #Charlestonsyllabus compiled by Keisha N. Blain.

13 Cards Your Anxious Friends Would Seriously Appreciate by Anna Borges

A little Buzzfeed fun, sure, but also some good advice on how to love your anxious friends well. Trust me on this one.

May you experience rest, restoration, and yes, resurrection, on this Sunday.




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